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Substance use


BBC&A's Substance Use Recovery Program helps individuals break the chains of addiction. Recovery is about learning new skills for the challenges of life and about discovering the freedom of living without substances. 

Outpatient Treatment Services, Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Assessments are offered for Juveniles and Adults, as well as, referrals for Inpatient Treatment.

Personalized treatment approach that matches individual needs and settings with trauma-informed and evidence-based interventions and services. 

  • Accepting voluntary or involuntary (court ordered, probation, DHS clients) referrals. 

  • DUI assessment available: $100

  • DUI Course available: $180

We want each person who invites us on their recovery journey to feel valued, heard, and respected, and to know there is someone who cares; there is hope for the future, and that treatment works!

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